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The Winter Skincare Blues Part 2: Masking

The Winter Skincare Blues Part 2: Masking

I hope you've had a chance to catch Part 1 of the Winter Skincare Blues series.  It was all about skincare for the face.  

Face masks are one of the biggest beauty trends of the past couple of years.  The major allure of a face mask is often the quest for a luxurious and spa-like evening at home.  And I think it's a little too obvious that I live on the treat-yo-self side of life.

Get yourself a nice facemask and a glass of bubbly, turn on Grown Woman by Beyoncé and kick up your feet!

There's so much more to a face mask than the silly selfie Instagram pics you upload!  A face mask will give you a chance to focus on your skincare desires in a concentrated manner.  So, let's talk!

As we've discussed in this series, my three biggest skin woes are:

1) Dryness

2) Zits

3) Aging


How to Mask

Step 1: Pour yourself a glass of wine!

Step 2: Soak your face with a warm/hot washcloth for a minute to moisten skin and open pores.

Step 3: Apply the mask with clean hands or a clean make-up brush.

Step 4: Kick your feet up on the couch or slip into a bubble bath while you let the mask work its power!


Mask Reviews

Let's talk about my favourite mask in each category.  I'll also give you one in each category that did not work for me.  Ohhh, shade!

1) Dryness:


Yes, please:  If there is one mask I swear by, it's First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask.  I love it!  I leave it on for as long as possible, wipe off the actual oatmeal and then let the residue sit on my face all night.  This clears up patches of eczema on my face like nothing else can.

The interesting part about this is that everything else I have tried from this line including cleaning pads, moisturizers and soaps have really burnt my skin and caused damage.  This is especially strange since the line is supposedly formulated for people with eczema.  If you have very sensitive skin, be careful with other things from this line.  The staff at Sephora are always recommending these products to me. 

This mask retails for $30 CAD at Sephora.

Oh hell no:  I recently tried the Origins Drink Up Mask, and it really burnt on my skin.  This is also strange, since I usually really like things from this brand! 

And a special level of disappointment goes to La Roche Posay for their Hydraphase Intense Mask, that was scented and stung my skin.  What the hell, LRP?!

2) Zits:

Yes, please:  My favourite clarifying mask is Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask.  I can feel it working!  It pulls everything to the surface of my skin and within a day or two, my skin is clear!

This now comes in 3 sizes at Sephora, single use, travel size and regular size, priced at $5 - $32 CAD.  I actually regularly give one of the two smaller versions as part of a gift.  My girlfriends love it as well!

I recently got the Peter Thomas Moor Mud Mask from a kit I bought, so stay tuned!

Oh hell no:  I tried this Boscia Luminizing Black Mask.  It's a peel off mask that's supposed to pull the gunk from your face.  All it did for me was tug out all the fine hairs on my face.  I never knew I had facial hair before this!  Tears were running down my face as I tried to pull it off.  Imagine putting a Band-Aid over your entire face and trying to rip it off!  Since I still own it, sometimes I use it on just my nose or chin.  But I'm still not a fan.

3) Anti-Aging

Yes, please:  I recently discovered the Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Line.  I received this mask in set I recently bought for a great deal.  The line has tightening and anti-aging properties that I am loving! 

There is also something about sipping a glass of prosecco and slathering your face in a gold gel that makes you feel like a million bucks!  The individual bottle retails for $99 CAD at Sephora (woah!).  Buy the whole kit for $80 instead! 

Instead of completely washing off a gold mask, I like to wash off about 3/4 of it and then massage the remainder into the skin on my face and neck.

I am dying to try the gold sheet mask, hair mask and eye gel mask from this line.  But I'll have to pace myself.  These products are pretty steep!  


Masking for Advanced Students


The latest trend in face masks is multi-masking.

Multi-masking is the practice of using several masks at once.  You do not mix the masks, rather you put the mask on the individual area of the face you'd like to target.

For example, in this photo, I've put a charcoal mask around my nose and mouth (where I get the most breakouts) and an anti-aging and firming mask on the rest of my face.  


In the Works

As I was cluing up this post, a certain fabulous person in my life gifted me with a Sephora gift card (the way to my heart, by the way).  I decided to invest it in "research" (I'm all about sacrifice!) and picked up these two babies!  I'd be happy to chat about them in the future!  I am a little nervous, because my skin has been doing so well and this is not a brand I normally use.  But I do feel like I'm failing if I don't at least reference the "holy grail" GlamGlow masks.  Stay tuned!


GlamGlow #multimasking Kit

See above for the definition of multi-masking!  

It retails for $44 CAD at Sephora and comes with 6 deluxe samples of various GlamGlow masks, which is a great deal, because these masks are très expensive!



GlamGlow Sexy Kissable Lips Set

I've been eyeing this similar kit online.  This one comes with the extra Plumprageous and doesn't seem to be sold online anymore.  It comes with the three products to help exfoliate, moisturize and plump your lips.  

If you're like me, and you have dry skin, but like to always wear an intense lip colour, sometimes your lips can look dry and flaky in the winter under your lip colour.  This is especially true for anyone who loves to wear matte lipsticks.

I'm excited to give this product a go!  It retails for $52 CAD at Sephora.


Do you have your own list of prized masks and masking tips?  Leave a comment below!

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