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Silverland Jolie Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City

Silverland Jolie Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City

So you're a grown adult who chooses to share a relatively small hotel room with your father.  Know what greases the wheels of life a bit?  $2 CAD minibar beers.

All jokes aside, it was a lovely stay.  My father's snoring is less than I remember (I can sure compete with him now) and we had a great room!  Although, I'm having trouble getting used to being called Mr. and Mrs. Foote.  Shudder.

Let's Set the Stage

I had booked a two-country, 5 city vacation with my dad.  And at around the time I finally booked the Ho Chi Minh hotel, I was suffering a bit of sticker-shock and went a little more budget than normal.  Now, admittedly, more budget than normal for me does not mean actual budget hotel.  My backpacking days are over!

This would also be the only hotel where we would share a room.

The Hotel

I booked for us to share a room at what appeared to be a midrange hotel for $82 CAD per night, including breakfast.  It looked lovely and the deciding factor was the rooftop Jacuzzi and bar.  But, I was feeling a little ify with the $82 CAD price-tag.  And I'd be lying if I told you that the Intercontinental didn't cross my mind!

You Get What You Pay for, Right?

Wrong.  This place was clean, beautifully decorated, centrally located and served a pretty decent breakfast!  And the wifi was great!  Bonus!  The front desk staff provided excellent service and were keen to help with tours and bookings!

As I mentioned, the minibar was very inexpensive and so were the room service and rooftop bar!  After having snacks from the minibar several times, multiple beers from the bar or minibar each of three nights and a room service dinner one night (where my dad ordered a steak), the food/drink bill came to just over $100 CAD.  Nice!

The rooftop Jacuzzi was the perfect wind-down after a day in hectic Ho Chi Minh.

The one low point was the quality of food at the restaurant.  It wasn't bad, it was just okay.  If you have other options (and you do), I'd recommend exploring places for dinner.  But, if you arrive late at night from a long flight and you're starving, by all means, order the food, it's perfectly okay.

Hot tip: If you're looking to book this hotel, make sure you check its name.  There are several Silverland hotels in the area.  This hotel is the Silverland Jolie.

Would I stay here again?  Absolutely. 

I received an email from the Front Desk Manager a few hours after checking out.  She had heard that I had nice things to say about the hotel upon checkout and wrote me an email to thank me for my kind words and express her pleasure that I had a nice stay.  Such a nice touch, that I wouldn't have expected from a hotel in this price range.  I'm impressed!

Champagnes on the Luximetre:

I thought long and hard about this one.  And I'm giving a solid:



*The Luximetre is FooteOuttheDoor's 5 point scale to measure the degree of luxury felt by the hotel guest

Important note:  I did not try the spa, so I cannot comment on the spa experience.

Sincere regret: Why didn't I take pics of the room?  Sorry!


My father thought the hotel was quite luxurious.  He's in for quite a treat, because that was bottom of the barrel.  I like to ride in style!  So stay tuned!


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