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30-Something in Bali

30-Something in Bali

A close friend of mine lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.  When I discovered that I would be in the region, naturally, the only logical thing for us to do would be to meet up in Bali.  I left the entire planning up to her.  She consulted me with one question:

"Beach vacation or Eat, Pray, Love?"

We settled on Eat, Pray, Love, booking into a hotel and spa in the Ubud neighbourhood.

Hot tip:  For those of you not in the know, Julia Roberts' "Eat, Pray, Love" was filmed here. And of course, the movie was based on the book!

The Rice Paddies

Perhaps what the area is most known for is its beautiful foliage and the beautiful rice paddies.  The rice paddies are set in terraced irrigation systems, which makes for a perfect photo op.

Out and About Ubud

Look, I'm going to be real with you here.  This was the one weekend I was reserving for pool, spa, restaurants and boutique shopping.  I didn't go too far with my sightseeing adventures.

Ubud is where the adults hang out!  You'll find the young, blonde bikini clads on the beach version of Bali.  Ubud is full of adults who like a nice hotels, great food and a bit of culture. 

The restaurants here are great and cheap.  The boutique shops here sell great jewelry, art and home décor for reasonable prices.  And you'll see a diverse range of ages and tourists.  You can easily spend a day or two eating, drinking and shopping your way down the eclectic alleys and streets.  And the wares being sold here feel unique and local.

If you own a relatively empty home, come with large suitcases.  You can find some great, affordable finds made by local craftsmen.


Great restaurants and bars line the streets in each direction.  During late afternoon and early evening, practically every establishment does a two-for-one happy hour!  You can order delicious and affordable cocktails and snacks and listen to live music late into the night.  Or, you can stumble home at a reasonable hour, it's up to you!

Until next time, Bali!

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