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A Lesson in Catholicism at the Trump Hotel

A Lesson in Catholicism at the Trump Hotel

I was raised Catholic, and in the spirit of full disclosure, it didn't quite take.  But all the talk of Catholic guilt has me imagining that it was a similar feeling to how I felt staying at the Trump Hotel in Toronto last week.

How on earth did I manage to sink so low?  It's a bit of a boring story, but I feel the need to tell it, as I'm already sweating over how you are judging me right now.  I had already booked several days of meetings in Toronto, without yet booking the hotel.  My fall timeline is tight due to work commitments.  A colleague snickered at me and reminded me that I had booked meetings, with no hotel, the same week as Toronto International Film Festival, World Hockey Championships and the massive Ontario Universities Fair.  A quick search showed me most things were fully booked.  The Hilton was $1000 a night.  I'd rather sleep in my car than submit that expense to the office! 

But you see, there was one business appropriate hotel with reasonable rates left, just one.  You guessed it folks, the Trump!  Due to our almost unanimous distaste for Mr. Tump up north, the Trump Hotel Toronto wasn't exactly bursting at the seams.  

Honestly, and I hate saying this, but from the first moment, the Trump Hotel Toronto had everything that the Shangri-La Toronto was lacking.  The valet promptly took my car and promised to deliver the luggage in my trunk to my room while another staff member walked me to the checkin desk.  I was promptly checked in, given a hot towel, had all my questions about my stay answered (I always have questions!) and was shown to my room.

The room was large (2 or 3x the size of the Shangri-La Toronto "executive" room) and beautifully decorated, and also had Nespresso, a soaker tub and a tv in the bathroom mirror.

The pool area was nice (although not quite as amazing as the Shangri-La), the spa was okay (also didn't quite live up to the Shangri-La).  But the service and attention to detail were second-to-none.  

By the second day, the staff knew me by name and were quick to approach me before work in the mornings to give me directions to my meetings.  The bar served the best cocktail I can remember having in a very long time.  Major shout-out to Will, the bartender!

And every evening when I got home from work the ice bucket had been filled for me.  This is when I pull my Diet Coke out of my suitcase, because I can't afford no minibar!  Actually, the bellhop commented on how heavy my bag was.  I didn't tell him it was because it housed my Diet Coke stash.

Hot tip: Trump Hotel Toronto has really great corporate rates.  Check to see if your employer has a rate.  If you work in education or banking, the answer is probably yes!  The downside is that you cannot price match with a corporate rate to a third party site, such as hotels.com.  Losing out on my hotels.com points almost killed me.

To sum it all up...


- Excellent service

- Excellent lobby bar

- Large room with great amenities

- Beautiful pool area

- Not too crowded anymore!


- I was ashamed to even tell my Uber Driver I was staying at Trump

- Valet parking is $50 per night (but $30-$50 is standard in Toronto)

- I didn't give the spa much of a chance, since I was working, but it really didn't compare to Shangri-La

Would I stay here again? I'm ashamed to admit that I'm dying to.

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