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Prepping Yourself and Your Carryon for a Luxe In-Flight Experience

Prepping Yourself and Your Carryon for a Luxe In-Flight Experience

For me, the prep for travel starts about 24 hours in advance.  

Let's Address the Elephant in the Room - My Skincare Purchases

My skincare and cosmetics purchases have been much debated amongst my girlfriends.  But basically it comes down to this, I have a skin condition that I've had my entire life.  About 5 years ago it got really out of control and my dermatologist told me that I had to stop using all cheap, scented stuff on my skin.  No more regular laundry detergents, scented lotions, fancy body washes.  Oh no!  He recommended La Roche Posay.  And lord, my skincare obsession blossomed.  It's probably made of the Pope's tears, because it's so damn expensive.  About 75% of new things I try outside of this brand do not agree with my skin.  I am now a firm believer that it's worth it.


  Prepping My Skin for the Flight

The night before a flight, you can catch me slathering these things on in between loads of laundry. 


How to Stay Comfy, Chic and Hygienic on the Flight

I have quite a few business travelling friends that swear by dressing in business attire on a flight, because you are more likely to be upgraded.  I fly economy, always.  And even with Gold Star Alliance status, airlines rarely do free upgrades anymore.  I'd rather be comfy on a 30 hour flight path than uncomfy and praying for an upgrade.

What makes the comfiest and still chic outfit?

1.  Pants - Wear something comfy, but still presentable.  Go for a looser fitting pant, a pair of leggings or a more inconspicuous looking athletic pant.  I personally swear by the Nicole Miller leggings from Costco that come in a 2 pack for $17.99.  A steal!

Loving this solid wrap from  Chapters , currently in stores and priced at $59.50 CAD

Loving this solid wrap from Chapters, currently in stores and priced at $59.50 CAD

2. On top - Wear a light short sleeved or sleeveless top.  I often find airports to be ridiculously hot.  And a plane is usually hot when you first get on and then cools once you get going. 

Over the light tank, I like to pair a long, smart looking loose cardigan.  Bonus points: ponchos and capes are very in right now! 

Finally, I like a large, ornate scarf.  It'll tie things together, still make you look chic and you can use the scarf as a blanket.  Airline blankets are often not washed between trips, and I have found some gross things matted to them, even though they come in a sealed bag! 

Layering will help you stay comfortable.  And not stinky.  Remember, someone likely has to sit next to you!

3. Shoes - There are several important things you need to consider.  Wear something that is easy to slip on and off when going through security.  This usually means no laces or gladiator sandals!  Wear something comfortable and breathable.  Also wear some sort of sock or stocking on the plane.  No one deserves your stanky feet in such close quarters!

If you fly very frequently, I would recommend compression socks.  Frequent flying can cause blood clots in the legs.  Chat with your doctor about compression socks.

4.  Accessories - If you must accessorize, try to wear something that will not go off in the metal detector!  Whether you have to take it off when going through security or you walk through and the alarm goes off, you're slowing down the line!

5.  Make-up and hygiene - I like to wear make up, not gonna lie!  Avoid eyeliner and mascara, as you may wake up with it all over your face!  Keep make up light.  Go generous on the moisturizer because that airplane air will dry out your skin!  Be sure to wear deodorant, brush your teeth and pack mints.  Shower the day of your flight!  Remember, you will be sitting very close to someone!  And, if you wear perfume, keep it extremely light.  Many people are sensitive to scents.




Packing Your Carryon

Stay stylish, comfy and fabulous on-the-go. 

I have two things in mind when I pack a carryon. 

1.  What do I need to freshen up between layovers to make me feel new again?

2.  If my luggage were to get lost or if I were stranded somewhere, what do I need?

In addition to two changes of clothes, here is what you can find in my carryon:

There are, of course some honourable mentions.

Additional things to consider:

- A sleep mask (personally this makes me feel like I'm suffocating)

- Snacks

- Medications you may be taking

- Hair products you deem "necessary"


Happy travels!  Stay fabulous. 

If you learn anything from me, it's to always ask for samples at high end beauty counters when you make purchases.  These are great for travel!  Plus, consider stocking up on skincare products around Christmas, brands usually release gift packs that are such a great deal!


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